MPBA staff is proud to present the training and workout programs for basketball and strength/ conditioning.  We will focus on putting together effective workouts for players and their skill set.  Ball handling, finishing, winning, owning and creating of space to score and get off good shots. The other element to getting off a good shot every time is the ability to understand and make the reads for space and position awareness of you and your opponents.  Footwork and balance will be key components to our teaching movements and moves with and with out the ball.  We will also do athletic development training as well as play some 2 on 2 or 3 on 3 for players to use these skills in game like situations.

Sunday’s and Wednesday’s July 12- (Aug. 23 Tryouts for fall teams 5:30-8:30) 6-8 pm

Hoben Elementary, corner of Sheldon and Salz in Canton

$150 for entire camp/clinic sessions or $20 for walk ins

Age groups run from 6th grade – Varsity.